Heli 1.5-3.8T H4 Series Electric Forklift

  • Capacity: 1,500-3,800 kg
  • Lift Height: 3,000 mm
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric 
Heli 1.5-2T Electric Forklift Specifications

Experience elevated efficiency, eco-friendly operations, and unmatched reliability with the Heli 1.5-3.8T H4 Series Electric Forklift. Crafted for precision, this electric fork lift minimizes emissions and noise, embodying an ideal solution for eco-conscious workspaces. With a robust design and advanced safety features, it offers a compelling blend of performance, safety, and ease of maintenance, making it a top pick for those in search of electric forklifts for sale.

Key Features:

Comfort & Energy Efficiency:

    • Optimized Visibility: Broad-view mast design ensures an unobstructed forward view, enhancing operational safety.
    • Driver-Centric Cabin: Ergonomically designed for drivers of varied heights, featuring a large grip handle and a shock-absorbing seat.
    • Tailored Tires: Specialized tread tires, designed for electric forklifts, optimize energy consumption through reduced rolling resistance.
    • Durable Mast Buffers: Comes with a standard lower buffer and an optional upper buffer to boost equipment longevity.

Stability & Durability:

    • Precision Engineered: Built using advanced CAE analysis, ensuring utmost reliability.
    • Robust Build: Incorporating components like a cast steering bridge, integral brake drum, and metal anti-slip step board for enhanced longevity.
    • Heat Efficiency: Strategically designed with a side-mounted welded oil tank and key controls above the counterweight for optimal heat dissipation.

Advanced Safety Measures:

    • Smart Control: Powered by a dual-core controller for heightened operational intelligence.
    • Operational Protections: Featuring travel & hydraulic OPS, hydraulic burst protection, and an automated slowdown during turns for superior safety.

Maintenance Made Simple:

    • Versatile Charging: Offers both on-board and swap-out battery charging options.
    • Component Accessibility: Essential components, like the pump and primary electrical units, are thoughtfully positioned for ease of maintenance.
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