Heli 1.8T H4 Series Lithium Forklift


  • Capacity: 1,800 kg
  • Lift Height: 3,000 mm
  • Fuel Type: Lithium Battery 
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Dive into a seamless fusion of efficiency, safety, and comfort with the Heli 1.8T H4 Series Lithium Forklift. Tailored to deliver a responsive and reliable experience, this counterbalance forklift ensures smooth operations even in demanding workspaces. Built on a foundation of advanced technology and rigorous testing, it showcases a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of industry needs.

Key Features:

  • Comfort & Efficiency: Equipped with a spacious cabin offering a broad mast view, an ergonomically designed shock-absorbing seat, right-side controls, and low resistance electric tires. Essential amenities, like USB ports, a warning light, and a reverse horn, come standard.

  • Reliability & Stability: Developed using sophisticated CAE analysis and reinforced through exhaustive testing, its features such as a cast steering bridge, integrated brake systems, and high-precision gears ensure consistent performance. Safety gets a boost with advanced lateral stability and heat dissipation mechanisms.

  • Advanced Safety Systems: With a dual-core controller at its heart, it offers built-in protection mechanisms, alerts for ramp slides, and an automatic speed reduction during sharp turns, ensuring operations are as safe as they are efficient.

  • Maintenance Made Easy: Simplifying upkeep with multiple battery charging options, including an onboard alternative. Furthermore, smart component placement on the counterweight ensures hassle-free maintenance.

Heli 1.5 3.8T H4 Series Lithium Forklift Specifications
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