Heli 5.8m Electric Scissor Lift


  • Lifting Capacity: 230 kg
  • Platform Height: 5.8 m
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric
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Heli Scissor Lift emerges as a pinnacle of modern elevation technology. Meeting the demanding Australian Standards, it’s tailored for those who prioritize top-notch performance when considering scissor lifts. Whether you require a dependable work platform or an efficient hydraulic lift, Heli scissor lift encapsulates innovation, safety, and reliability.


  • Model: JS0607
  • Engine Type: Battery Electric
  • Capacity: 230 kg
  • Max Platform Height: 5.8 m
  • Dimensions: 1.84 x 0.76 x 2.18m approx
  • Features: E-Stops, Fire Extinguishers, Extendable Platforms

Features at a Glance

  • Soaring Heights: Designed to achieve a maximum working height of 6,000mm, it caters to a wide range of elevation tasks.
  • Reliable Controls: With a state-of-the-art electronic control system, users can trust in its precise lift and drive functionalities.
  • User-Focused Interface: Features an intuitive handle control and display, ensuring smooth operations and reduced learning curves.
  • Endurance Assured: Built with high-quality hydraulic hoses and reinforced wiring connections. Integral components are shielded with protective barriers, affirming its long-term durability.
  • Expand Your Reach: An extendable work platform, complemented by resilient slides and latches, provides extended reach and adaptability.
Note: Description and photos are for use as a guide only. Please contact our team prior to purchasing a Heli scissor lift.
Heli 5.8m Electric Scissor Lift Specifications


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